Potters Green

Potters Green (on Whitehill, just to the east of the golf course on the map) was depressing. The stroll from Levens Green to the north was enjoyable – down a track, over a meadow and through a newly-planted extension to an ancient wood. An old cottage at Potters Green is pleasant enough but overshadowed byContinue reading “Potters Green”

Sacombe Green

Another old Roman road runs through Sacombe Green, a country lane petering into a byway. The old rectory, presumably once attached to Sacombe church which is half a mile away along a footpath, and a big old farm are beautiful. There is a handful of pleasant cottages and some decent views across East Hertfordshire monocultureContinue reading “Sacombe Green”

Flanders Green

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Flanders Green is another of those not marked on Google Maps (though it is on the Ordnance Survey and footpath signs). Click on the link and it’s just south of the area marked as Brook Green, outside Cottered. Part of it was turned over to sweet corn cultivation when we walked through.Continue reading “Flanders Green”

Wandon Green

Wandon Green isn’t marked on Google Maps but click on the link and it comprises Wandon Green cottages where you see the pin for architectural consultants Louis de Soissons, whose founder was commissioned to design Welwyn Garden City, plus a farm (below) close to the T-junction just to the north. It’s a mile to theContinue reading “Wandon Green”

Tea Green

Tea Green lies between Mangrove Green and Breachwood Green. It’s inside Hertfordshire but only just. The pub must attract people from outside of the hamlet to survive – or the few locals have a healthy thirst. Tea Green has a bus stop and a water tower and not a lot more. Nothing wrong with that.Continue reading “Tea Green”

Breachwood Green

The shot above shows flints gathered from the adjacent field outside Breachwood Green. The abundance of flint in the land above and to the east of the Lilley Bottom valley indicates a variation in the geology and soil compared to the area to the west. And that shows in the local flora. Foxgloves are abundant.Continue reading “Breachwood Green”

Whempstead Green

Whempstead Green is a couple of miles down the road from Burn’s Green (see a previous post), though we took a circuitous route that started off down a hollow way behind the pub at Burn’s Green and then carried on across open fields with poppies in their few days of perfection. (Open the hyperlinked mapContinue reading “Whempstead Green”

Babbs Green

Babbs Green and the adjacent Newhall Green are the northern hamlets in the cluster that make up Wareside. Some early 20th century housing joined the few old cottages like the one above and Appleton Farm. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA More recently these were joined by newer houses that overlook the allotments we passed on our wayContinue reading “Babbs Green”

Reeves Green

Reeves Green is the second of the batch in Wareside parish that we nosed around. It’s not marked on the map but look for the school logo to the left of the White Horse and that’s it. The primary school is from the pages of a children’s novel of rustic adventure. It sits next toContinue reading “Reeves Green”

Across the Great Divide

Helham Green We travelled to the other side of the world to find Helham Green and its neighbours. They are in Wareside parish, just east of the Greenwich Meridian. Wareside village is a two-pub hub for the surrounding hamlets but the local primary school is in Reeves Green and the church is nearer to BabbsContinue reading “Across the Great Divide”