Potters Green


Potters Green (on Whitehill, just to the east of the golf course on the map) was depressing. The stroll from Levens Green to the north was enjoyable – down a track, over a meadow and through a newly-planted extension to an ancient wood.

An old cottage at Potters Green is pleasant enough but overshadowed by half a dozen hulking, newbuilds. One, inevitably, is styled as a barn. I doubt a single brick or bit of timber – yes, of course, all the houses are part-boarded – has been within a hundred yards of a farm. But it was the architects’ ploy to add a hint of variety to the dull uniformity of the development. Obligatory BMWs and Chelsea Tractors slouch in front of double garages. And, naturally, the mews is gated.

No surprise there’s a golf course just over the way.

Walking down Rowney Lane to Sacombe Green (see the previous post), there’s a mock Tudor entrance to something or other. Beyond that is another redeveloped plot in the grounds of Rowney Priory. It’s better than Potters Green and the old Clock House is a handsome building. But the all-money-no-taste of Potters Green had soured my mood and it was difficult to see beyond the fake Edwardian lamp post and fake village pump.

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