Across the Great Divide

Helham Green


We travelled to the other side of the world to find Helham Green and its neighbours. They are in Wareside parish, just east of the Greenwich Meridian. Wareside village is a two-pub hub for the surrounding hamlets but the local primary school is in Reeves Green and the church is nearer to Babbs Green. Wareside district is famous for its treacle mines!

Helham Green isn’t marked on Google Maps but the link above goes to the satellite view and the green is at the apex of Scholar’s Hill. Jess the Jack Russell and I got there along a wooded path from Babbs Green that crossed the course – sadly dry – of the Nimney Bourne and climbed gently for a few hundred yards into the hamlet. On the way we found another photogenic fungus.


Helham Green has a secluded feel. It’s a collection of larger cottages – and we thank the owner of one for the free marrow – a whitewashed terrace with a terrier that’s a better host than mine, and a run of brick houses.

The old village pump is not the familiar variety with a pump lever but an elegant cast iron apparatus with a wheel to turn to lift the water.

The Ordnance Survey marks a disused pit just outside the hamlet – former treacle mine?


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