Nobland Green

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA For the return journey from Wareside to Hitchin we took the ‘pretty route’ so we could say we’d been through the location marked on the map as Cold Christmas. The name is reputed to come from a macabre local legend. The road took us through Nobland Green where a farm stands onContinue reading “Nobland Green”

Babbs Green

Babbs Green and the adjacent Newhall Green are the northern hamlets in the cluster that make up Wareside. Some early 20th century housing joined the few old cottages like the one above and Appleton Farm. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA More recently these were joined by newer houses that overlook the allotments we passed on our wayContinue reading “Babbs Green”

Reeves Green

Reeves Green is the second of the batch in Wareside parish that we nosed around. It’s not marked on the map but look for the school logo to the left of the White Horse and that’s it. The primary school is from the pages of a children’s novel of rustic adventure. It sits next toContinue reading “Reeves Green”

Across the Great Divide

Helham Green We travelled to the other side of the world to find Helham Green and its neighbours. They are in Wareside parish, just east of the Greenwich Meridian. Wareside village is a two-pub hub for the surrounding hamlets but the local primary school is in Reeves Green and the church is nearer to BabbsContinue reading “Across the Great Divide”