Reeves Green


Reeves Green is the second of the batch in Wareside parish that we nosed around. It’s not marked on the map but look for the school logo to the left of the White Horse and that’s it. The primary school is from the pages of a children’s novel of rustic adventure. It sits next to the Y formation of lanes that framed the green, now reduced to a little plot of grass with shading trees. Footpaths lead off to Wareside village and Babbs Green.

It was all too twee for my mood, so the pictures I kept from Reeves Green came from the dilapidated outbuildings of a nearby farmhouse under renovation.


The textures and intricate shapes found in the detail of ruin can be beautiful, the tracery of fracture in the broken glass in the top picture and the charred wood above, which reminds me of rough-woven wool.

In the picture below, the framework is sculptural against the sky.


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