Hertfordshire Greens

Hertfordshire has 159 places with Green in their name, says Lee Prosser in An Historical Atlas of Hertfordshire (University of Hertfordshire Press, 2011) and around one third are mentioned before 1500. Tom Williamson (The Origins of Hertfordshire, University of Hertfordshire Press, 2010, pp231-233) says many developed in the 12th and 13th centuries from isolated farmsteads, although some bearContinue reading “Hertfordshire Greens”

Bassus Green – full circle

This is the final post in the Hertfordshire Greens series. And it’s a return to where we started. The photo heading the introductory page (reproduced as the post previous to this) was taken in 2017 – the only photo not taken this year. It showed three oak tree skeletons against a background view from theContinue reading “Bassus Green – full circle”

Wilkin’s Green and the vanishing greens

We turned off the A1057, the old Hatfield Road from St. Albans, into a country lane and found Wilkin’s Green just a hundred yards off the main drag. There’s a farmhouse, then a tiny triangle of lanes enclosing a former smithy. From there we headed down a byway towards Bullen’s Green, crossing the Smallford Trail,Continue reading “Wilkin’s Green and the vanishing greens”

Perry Green

The leisurely route to Perry Green led down winding lanes and across the fords of the River Ash. This is the Perry Green near Bishop’s Stortford, not the one previously visited out Harpenden way. Crossing one ford, a kingfisher perched on the depth measuring pole. Perhaps a couple of dozen houses line the Y-shape formedContinue reading “Perry Green”

Crabb’s Green

We picked our way along a footpath and over some fallow land from Stocking Pelham to Crabb’s Green. The hamlet is a stone’s throw from the Essex border that on this stretch exhibits no obvious geological or topographical logic so we have typical ‘Hertfordshire Greens’ a mile or two inside Essex. The few houses ofContinue reading “Crabb’s Green”

Upwick Green, Walnuttree Green

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The view from this bench in a field in Upwick Green was bucolic until the roadworks started. A dumper truck kicks up dust in the middle distance and out of shot there’s a long scar across the countryside. The noise from this far off is not loud but it is persistent. TheContinue reading “Upwick Green, Walnuttree Green”

Epping Green

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA There’s no pavement along the road running through Epping Green, which meant it was a little tricky taking photos. The most imposing building is a brick stud farm with its cupola. The bricks are etched with the names and initials of innumerable youngsters. There’s a pub set back from the road andContinue reading “Epping Green”

Here there be dragons

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Hertford and Bishop’s Stortford Ordnance Survey shows at least 20 greens to the north of Bishop’s Stortford, so off we set off on a reconnaissance trip. We were just a few hundred yards from Killem’s Green when we spotted it – a ‘Welcome to Essex’ sign. I’d forgotten the Essex bulgeContinue reading “Here there be dragons”

Wellpond Green and Westland Green

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Bar a Marmite angular newbuild, this fabulous old barn is the only building of note in Westland Green, unless what you are noting is size, expanse of garden and price. We got there by the ill-advised route from the Hadhams, the final stretch being through a farmyard. The houses sit among treesContinue reading “Wellpond Green and Westland Green”