Perry Green


The leisurely route to Perry Green led down winding lanes and across the fords of the River Ash. This is the Perry Green near Bishop’s Stortford, not the one previously visited out Harpenden way. Crossing one ford, a kingfisher perched on the depth measuring pole.

Perhaps a couple of dozen houses line the Y-shape formed by the one-and-a-bit track roads embracing Perry Green. There’s a pub and a couple of farms. The old phone box now hosts a defibrillator. Autumn weather came on strong the day we arrived, lock down restrictions had just been re-tightened, and the pub’s outdoor food offering was packed up.

The hamlet is dominated – in a good way – by the wonderful Henry Moore Foundation at Hoglands. Sculptures are scattered around the gardens and the Sheep Field. Despite coronavirus restrictions, Moore’s former workshops were still accessible although his house was not. If you haven’t visited, do.

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