Epping Green


There’s no pavement along the road running through Epping Green, which meant it was a little tricky taking photos. The most imposing building is a brick stud farm with its cupola. The bricks are etched with the names and initials of innumerable youngsters.

There’s a pub set back from the road and undergoing renovation when we passed, and a big old house down a lane has been converted into flats. The land along there is known as Epping Long Green. Beyond that, a yard with utilities paraphernalia – a water tower and phone masts.

We found a sort of circular walk from there and passed through a farmyard-cum-junkyard-cum-builder’s yard with some interesting bits and pieces, including a property marker of the old London brewer Meux that operated premises on the corner of Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street until 1921.

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