Wellpond Green and Westland Green


Bar a Marmite angular newbuild, this fabulous old barn is the only building of note in Westland Green, unless what you are noting is size, expanse of garden and price. We got there by the ill-advised route from the Hadhams, the final stretch being through a farmyard.

The houses sit among trees along the arms of the Y formed by two of the approaching lanes. On the other side of the southern lane is a narrow wood beyond which lies Pig’s Green, land that is now a vineyard.


Wellpond Green is the Siamese twin of Westland Green. Unlike its counterpart, Wellpond Green was a living, breathing village at one time, with a pub – erroneously still marked on my Ordnance Survey – and a post office. There are a few lovely old cottages. There’s also a bit of pomposity and a run of gaffs with garden sheds as big as my house, grounds bigger than many municipal parks, and posh rubbish.

Ambling around, I think we found the wellpond. Broken Green is down a track. There’s a former farm on the near corner and a rare clutch of houses below the £1.5mn bracket on the far side but nothing more to see.

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