Harmer Green

Harmer Green stands on high ground above Welwyn North and Digswell. A winding road leads down to the station at Welwyn North and there is a woodside footpath towards Woolmer Green and a dog’s leg route to Burnham Green avoiding the road (both places covered in earlier posts). Monied is the word for Harmer Green.Continue reading “Harmer Green”

Birch Green, Staines Green

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We turned off Cole Green Way and made our way over ripe fields of grain to Birch Green, which has a number of houses built in the last century and a few older cottages. From there we cut through to the smaller settlement at Staines Green. Although the two are distinct andContinue reading “Birch Green, Staines Green”

Labby Green, Letty Green

Labby Green is joined at the hip to Cole Green (previous post). Walking down the road from the latter, there’s another exclusive, authentic, original barn-conversion-appearance development underway, looking much like all the rest. Further down there’s a thriving pub doing grub that probably served as little railway hotel because just next to it a trackContinue reading “Labby Green, Letty Green”

A clutch more near Datchworth

Apart from Datchworth Green (previous post), there are several other greens around Datchworth. Painter’s Green is a big barley field in the crook of a little road leading to Bull’s Green and Bramfield, crossed by the footpaths from Datchworth Green to Datchworth church. The original green at Raffin Green is beyond the current reach ofContinue reading “A clutch more near Datchworth”

Datchworth Green

Datchworth Green is in one of the clusters of greens to the northeast and east of Welwyn, some two dozen greens in all. Datchworth itself sits on slightly higher ground, its church steeple visible from miles around, and it looks down towards Datchworth Green some half a mile away. You don’t notice if you takeContinue reading “Datchworth Green”

Butterfield Green

The trip to Butterfield Green required venturing into Bedfordshire. We got there by footpath from Lilley but the majority of walkers probably come over the hills from Luton. There are extensive walks around Galley Hill and Warden Hill. The hamlet is clearly marked on the current Ordnance Survey but is absent from some late 19thContinue reading “Butterfield Green”

Symonds Green

A reminder of the times, the woman’s walking-aid trolley suggests she may be in a vulnerable to Covid-19 category and her face mask in open air, indicate her concern. She’s sitting on a park bench in Symonds Green, one of the greens subsumed by Stevenage. Unlike Fishers Green (see an earlier post) a few hundredContinue reading “Symonds Green”

Bull’s Green

The aptly-named Horns pub at Bull’s Green has been there since 1535 although only as an ale house since the 18th century. There’s an excellent potted history – including its moment of notoriety – here, thanks to Camra. A clutch of houses stands around the sward and that looks to be it. In fact, downContinue reading “Bull’s Green”

Shilley Green

Once coppiced beeches line the lane from Hitch Wood to Shilley Green where its forks to the Easthall hamlets one way, gently down the valley slope to Langley another way, or more steeply down a byway to Langley Bottom. An old farm stands back from a grassy patch, dominated by a magnificent ash tree –Continue reading “Shilley Green”