Shilley Green

Once coppiced beeches line the lane from Hitch Wood to Shilley Green where its forks to the Easthall hamlets one way, gently down the valley slope to Langley another way, or more steeply down a byway to Langley Bottom. An old farm stands back from a grassy patch, dominated by a magnificent ash tree –Continue reading “Shilley Green”

Warren’s Green

Warren’s Green is one of the four greens on the periphery of the old grounds of Weston Park. We’ve already looked at Friend’s Green, Damask Green and Hall’s Green. It’s on the same skein of paths and minor roads with each end of the tiny settlement – two cottages – bracketed by right angle twistsContinue reading “Warren’s Green”

Hall’s Green

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Hall’s Green is only a mile or so northeast of the Stevenage extension of Great Ashby but there’s no direct road link so the green rests peacefully. The narrow roads in this patch are bewildering, twisting and turning apparently at random until you look at the Ordnance Survey map. Combined with theContinue reading “Hall’s Green”

Bericot Green

This is a shot of the disused Panshanger Aerodrome, a World War II training base and later a flying school. From the Ordnance Survey, it looks as if the airfield swallowed up much of Bericot Green although there are some scruffy light industrial buildings at the top of Moneyhole Lane off the B1000 from WelwynContinue reading “Bericot Green”

Greens around Therfield

Therfield straddles the pre-historic Icknield Way on high ground above a heath dotted with tumuli and delightful Ordnance Survey markings like Hopscotch and Duckpuddle Bush. But that’s all to the north and we started off heading south, looping back in a circular walk that took in five greens. First up was Duck’s Green, which isContinue reading “Greens around Therfield”

Nup End Green, Tagmore Green

These two are about a mile apart. We combined them in one short walk from Codicote. Four winding country lanes meet at Nup End Green and delivery drivers can be seen puzzling over which turning is most likely to get them to Hogsnorton or the Bothy or wherever. We got to Nup End Green alongContinue reading “Nup End Green, Tagmore Green”

Sootfield Green

The chimney is of the only house in Sootfield Green, which is close to Preston on the high ground to the south of Hitchin. (It’s not marked on Google Maps but if you look at the satellite photo link, it’s at the centre of the X formed by the road and the wooded byway. ItContinue reading “Sootfield Green”

Peter’s Green and neighbours

Life continued in Peter’s Green during lock down. Fresh fish and the pub being spruced up for re-opening. I wasn’t gazing through the window of an Edwardian lady’s boudoir, just passing Peter’s Green village hall where the needlework classes may be a bit on the specialised side. Perry Green backs directly on to Peter’s GreenContinue reading “Peter’s Green and neighbours”

Levens Green

It’s good to see a green being used as a commons. At Levens Green we found this pony grazing the west end of the grassland in the centre of the hamlet and two more tethered at the east end. After the disappointment of Potters Green (previous post), getting to Levens Green was a pleasure. It’sContinue reading “Levens Green”

Potters Green

Potters Green (on Whitehill, just to the east of the golf course on the map) was depressing. The stroll from Levens Green to the north was enjoyable – down a track, over a meadow and through a newly-planted extension to an ancient wood. An old cottage at Potters Green is pleasant enough but overshadowed byContinue reading “Potters Green”