Shaw Green to Cumberlow Green

>OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The green at Shaw Green is a couple of hundred yards south of the cluster of houses and farms, next to Shaw Green cottages, a paddock through which runs Shawgreen Way, a broad path although one that was blocked beyond the green by a fallen tree when we last went through. ButContinue reading “Shaw Green to Cumberlow Green”

Two greens on the Mimram

Poplars Green and Archers Green I love the little River Mimram. Its name is so ancient – pre-Celtic – that its meaning isn’t known. It rises near Whitwell and, along with the Beane and the Rib, joins the Lea at Hertford. Over-extraction and increasingly dry summers sometimes reduce it to a trickle in places andContinue reading “Two greens on the Mimram”

Woolmer Green

I took a diversion when I spotted some strange shapes in the distance and came upon an artist’s studio in a farmyard on the edge of Woolmer Green The village straddles the old Great North Road and you’d think nothing of it – a bit of Knebworth gone astray or a chunk of Oaklands (bizarreContinue reading “Woolmer Green”

Mangrove Green

What links a hamlet on the very edge of Hertfordshire – Luton’s outskirts lurking a field’s length away – to sub-tropical swamps? Nothing. The name Mangrove Green derives from ‘thicket in common use or possession,’ from the Old English  gemǣne , ‘common,’ and græfe, says the Survey of English Place Names, not from the mangrove (a word likelyContinue reading “Mangrove Green”

Coleman Green

Coleman Green, not to be confused with Colemans Green, near Breachwood Green, comprises the John Bunyan pub and a handful of cottages surrounded by woodland and a hollow lane leading to Ayot Green and Welwyn. The association with Bunyan, Puritan preacher, author of Pilgrim’s Progress, and Parliamentary trooper during the civil war is the preservedContinue reading “Coleman Green”