Labby Green, Letty Green

Labby Green is joined at the hip to Cole Green (previous post). Walking down the road from the latter, there’s another exclusive, authentic, original barn-conversion-appearance development underway, looking much like all the rest. Further down there’s a thriving pub doing grub that probably served as little railway hotel because just next to it a track leads up to the site of the railway station which served the Hertford-Welwyn line from 1858 to 1951. The remains of the platforms are still there as are cycle racks and a little car park for users of what is now a footpath and cycle track.

Follow the road and take a right to go through the old part of Letty Green which has a couple of listed buildings, including a deconsecrated church. We followed the Cole Green Way eastwards towards some more greens, popping out on to the residential road that runs almost parallel for a little way. Some sizeable but dowdy between-the-wars houses contrasted with an angular new build that is either inspired or inappropriate, depending on your taste. On balance, we quite liked its challenge to the neighbours.

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