A clutch more near Datchworth

Apart from Datchworth Green (previous post), there are several other greens around Datchworth. Painter’s Green is a big barley field in the crook of a little road leading to Bull’s Green and Bramfield, crossed by the footpaths from Datchworth Green to Datchworth church. The original green at Raffin Green is beyond the current reach ofContinue reading “A clutch more near Datchworth”

Datchworth Green

Datchworth Green is in one of the clusters of greens to the northeast and east of Welwyn, some two dozen greens in all. Datchworth itself sits on slightly higher ground, its church steeple visible from miles around, and it looks down towards Datchworth Green some half a mile away. You don’t notice if you takeContinue reading “Datchworth Green”