Butterfield Green


The trip to Butterfield Green required venturing into Bedfordshire. We got there by footpath from Lilley but the majority of walkers probably come over the hills from Luton. There are extensive walks around Galley Hill and Warden Hill.

The hamlet is clearly marked on the current Ordnance Survey but is absent from some late 19th century and early 20th century maps although Manor Farm, first recorded in the 12th century (nothing of antiquity is in evidence today), is marked. Butterfield Green is now best known for the light industrial estate bearing the same name that happily lies a good half a mile away from the hamlet, on the A505.

A pretty run of cottages stands off a tarmac strip that quickly turns into a broad footpath. Another batch of houses is situated on Butterfield Green Road before that becomes a farm track. One of those houses has an odd tower, the top of which can be seen in the photo above. I initially wondered if it was a nod to an earlier windmill but could find no reference to one. Some marine-related elements around the house then made me wonder if it is a latter day folly, reminding someone of a lighthouse. Let me know, if you know.

And another question: I recall reading somewhere that material for brickmaking was once dug around here. There is still a brick supplier called Butterfield in Luton. Is there a connection?

The area is much used by dog walking outfits.


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