Cole Green


For those of a certain age, a sign like this still prompts the thought “how many Eye Spy points will I get for that?” We saw this on a former coaching road leading out of Cole Green which is given primacy over its near neighbours Labby Green and Letty Green. The old railway track, now a footpath and cycling route is called Cole Green Way although it runs between the other two. The former train stop was Cole Green station, although it’s in Labby Green. And Letty Green now has a considerably larger population.

Still, we’ll come on to those two presently. Cole Green’s few houses lie around a broad sward crossed by three roads. The Ordnance Survey suggests this is not the green itself, siting that just to the north of the present village. There’s a set of grand gates and a lodge just off the green that’s not the green. A cursory look gave no clue as to what great house it was a lodge for, perhaps the sizeable Panshanger estate – let us know if you know.

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