Hatching Green

Where Kinsbourne Green (previous post) is to the north of Harpenden, Hatching Green is to the south of the old town, to the west of the common and the main Harpenden Road. The remaining patch of green space is alongside Redbourn Lane, which has a steady flow of traffic. The shape of the grassy patchContinue reading “Hatching Green”

Kinsbourne Green

We live in Hitchin, which is in the same parliamentary constituency as Harpenden. But for most people a trip from the one to the other is a rare event. They are old market towns of a similar size so, largely, what you find in the one you find in the other. And communications in HertfordshireContinue reading “Kinsbourne Green”

Ayot Green

This venerable old gentleman on his walking frame and his fellow oaks and Horse Chestnut cousins line the two lanes passing through Ayot Green, their shadows dappling the tarmac. The grass is clipped short, the gardens of the handsome brick cottages well tended, contributing to Ayot Green’s attempt at quiet composure. In the depths ofContinue reading “Ayot Green”

Offley Green

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Offley Green stretches away, flat wheat acreage reaching to Roe Green in one direction and in another to a distant wood and these houses of Friars Grange, with a moat behind. A handsome and sizeable cottage stands at another edge. A network of footpaths hatch the land, leading off to places withContinue reading “Offley Green”

Crouch Green

We’d walked or run around Crouch Green on many occasions without knowing it was a former green, let alone that it had a name. It nestles in the arms of two lanes, one of them being Three Houses Lane that comes up from Langley Bottom before dipping down to the Mimram valley and Whitwell. TheContinue reading “Crouch Green”

Reed Green, Gannock Green

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Encapsulation of the idyll of rural England: bus stop, phone box, letter box, parish notice board, standing in front of the village hall, the photograph taken from the boundary of the cricket field. All it needs is a pub in the background. Sadly, the local is under threat. The cricket field standsContinue reading “Reed Green, Gannock Green”

Burnham Green

Burnham Green has a more lived-in feel than its near neighbour Harmer Green. It’s got a larger population, and a post office shop and a pub. It’s not a preserve of the well-to-do either though it’s only a stone’s throw from the millionaires’ reserve at Tewin Wood. The larger area of green is bordered onContinue reading “Burnham Green”

Harmer Green

Harmer Green stands on high ground above Welwyn North and Digswell. A winding road leads down to the station at Welwyn North and there is a woodside footpath towards Woolmer Green and a dog’s leg route to Burnham Green avoiding the road (both places covered in earlier posts). Monied is the word for Harmer Green.Continue reading “Harmer Green”

Birch Green, Staines Green

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We turned off Cole Green Way and made our way over ripe fields of grain to Birch Green, which has a number of houses built in the last century and a few older cottages. From there we cut through to the smaller settlement at Staines Green. Although the two are distinct andContinue reading “Birch Green, Staines Green”