Burnham Green

Burnham Green has a more lived-in feel than its near neighbour Harmer Green. It’s got a larger population, and a post office shop and a pub. It’s not a preserve of the well-to-do either though it’s only a stone’s throw from the millionaires’ reserve at Tewin Wood. The larger area of green is bordered on one side by an (I’m guessing) early 20th century housing development. The other side is fringed by a handful of cottages and countryside. Flowers on a park bench were another of the tokens of hope or supplication that we often found on our walks during this corona virus summer.

We passed through as lock down was easing and people were beginning to meet up again – at a safe distance – on the smaller area of green, near a charming village hall, built as a school in the 1840s and used as a mission church for some years after.

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