Kinsbourne Green


We live in Hitchin, which is in the same parliamentary constituency as Harpenden. But for most people a trip from the one to the other is a rare event. They are old market towns of a similar size so, largely, what you find in the one you find in the other. And communications in Hertfordshire are firmly on a north-south axis so the drive requires routing through Luton or having the time and sense of adventure needed to negotiate the pretty route.

All of which explains why we’d never been to Kinsbourne Green. The large green remains. It’s just to the northwest of Harpenden and is an expanse of common land climbing gently from just off the A1081. Stretches are fringed with oaks. One negative: I’d have liked bigger areas to have been left unmowed for wild flowers and bracken and insects. With so much space it wouldn’t inconvenience anyone. Still, we enjoyed our visit.

There are a couple of farms near the southwest corner of the green and the south side has a few interesting older houses as well as some uninteresting modern mini-mansions.

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