Ayot Green


This venerable old gentleman on his walking frame and his fellow oaks and Horse Chestnut cousins line the two lanes passing through Ayot Green, their shadows dappling the tarmac.

The grass is clipped short, the gardens of the handsome brick cottages well tended, contributing to Ayot Green’s attempt at quiet composure. In the depths of lock down when traffic was minimal that composure seemed assured but by August the incessant drone of the A1M in its nearby cutting was back, fraying the edges.


We wandered from Ayot Green to its smaller sibling Ayot Little Green, which has equally picture postcard cottages and does not suffer the road blight.


Ayot Green was the site of the station that served the Ayots. The old line from Wheathampstead is now a footpath and cycle way cut short by the main road. A station house remains and we found the gateposts of a level crossing and sleepers used for fencing, among other things, as we ambled along.

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