Friend’s Green


The old tiles look sturdy and heavy to bear but notice the apparent fragility of the roof frame. The beams at the crest of the roof are bowed. You can see they have been cut from trees, unlike the precision cut timber you’d buy from a yard today. The timber frame of the building to the left is visible, whether because it always has been or because rendering has been stripped away to please potential purchasers of what looks to be another farm building conversion. This is at Friend’s Green, just beyond Damask Green (which has its own blog entry) outside Weston. Behind the farm is the old park land of the big house at Weston. Friend’s Green is not marked on the map but lies on the road coming south out of Weston, before the turning to Warren’s Green, which lies on another side of the former park land on the way to Hall’s Green (posts to come).

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