The Mimram

Tewin Mill to Poplars Green

Lodge at Tewin Mill

The mill has gone and the mill house and nearby cottages have been gentrified. Trout lazed near the bridge as we passed by and, to a non-expert eye, they looked to be native brown trout.


At Archers Green, there’s another river crossing and a trout pool nearby.

Trout pond at Archers Green

A path through the meadows leads to the little bridge at Poplars Green where locals come to picnic and paddle by the weir, despite the proximity of the Hertford Road.

The bridge at Poplars Green glimpsed through trees and reeds.

And on the northern bank, next to the weir, shielded by nettles and brambles and holly bushes is a pump that drove water up to the Marden Hill mansion on the ridge above.

Water pump at Poplars Green
Weir at Poplars Green.
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