The Mimram

Towards Tewin Mill

Footbridge over Tewin Water

Between the former mill at Digswell and Panshanger Park the Mimram is crossed by footbridges or country lanes six times. And the Hertford Road crosses it at each end of this stretch of two-and-a-bit miles, running parallel and just to the south the rest of the way. The beech, hornbeam and sweet chestnut-lined footpath to the north is above and just out of sight of the river for the first mile. But a footpath leads down to Tewin Water and its artificial waterfall.

More landscaping was carried out a little further on and can be glimpsed from the Churchfield Road crossing.

Landscaping/waterscaping seen from Churchfield Road

I don’t do colour and I don’t attempt wildlife photography. Except – except that the kingfisher is so emblematic of the chalk streams of Hertfordshire. It thrives on and depends on the purity and clarity of the water. In the end, I couldn’t represent the Mimram without a kingfisher, and a kingfisher in black and white is not a kingfisher. This one was catching fry from the broad, shallow, gravel-bottomed water at Tewin Bury Farm, now a hotel and eatery with riverside views and paths.


Unless I misread him, Rook doesn’t mention a mill at the farm although what looks like the housing for one remains.

Bridge at Tewin Bury Farm

Heading towards Tewin Mill, you pass an enclosed fish farm, distant descendant of the medieval fish ponds along the route.

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