The Mimram


The stream broadens out on the other side of the water cress farm, running between back gardens of Whitwell and the paddocks of Water Hall farm. The bridge at The Valley carries a hollow way to the big house at the Bury. The river’s flow was divided at the water cress farm and the bridge comes just after the two streams reunite.

Beneath the bridge.

A few hundred yards beyond, earthworks in the meadow mark the next engineering of the Mimram’s course. The old mill lies a hundred yards from the river. Part of the flow was diverted through the meadow to the mill. The former mill pond is now sunken garden.

Whitwell water mill

From the fields above Water Hall Farm, the Lilley Bottom valley broadens out and the Mimram runs southeast through open meadows.

The valley of the Mimram from above Whitwell.
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