The Mimram


Viaduct carrying the Hertford Loop

The end stretch of the Mimram takes it under another railway viaduct, this one carrying the Hertford Loop line. It’s an impressive structure but put in the shade by the one at Digswell. Then the river briefly knocks up against the edge of an industrial estate with attendant pipework and graffiti.


The last couple of hundred yards of the Mimram take it behind Hertford Town FC’s ground. With the Mimram to the back and the Lea running down one side, you wonder about the state of the pitch in wet weather.


The rivers meet without fuss and from there on take the name of the Lea, flowing into Hertford to be joined by the Beane and the Rib. True, the Lea has made the longer journey, but it seems a little unfair that its name should prevail. The two rivers are of equal size at the confluence and it’s the Lea that joins the Mimram’s trajectory rather than vice versa.

The rivers meet
Gulls over flooded water meadow at the confluence

I hope you have enjoyed this excursion along the Mimram.

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