Peter’s Green and neighbours


Life continued in Peter’s Green during lock down. Fresh fish and the pub being spruced up for re-opening.

I wasn’t gazing through the window of an Edwardian lady’s boudoir, just passing Peter’s Green village hall where the needlework classes may be a bit on the specialised side.


Perry Green backs directly on to Peter’s Green and the divide is not discernible to a stranger but the Baptist Church – again evidence of the strong non-conformist tradition out in the greens – declares itself to be of Perry Green. It has some handsome old ironwork railings to keep the heathens out and the Godfearing in.


From Peter’s Green we wandered over the fields to Chiltern Green.


The remains of the green at Chiltern Green comprise some scrub where two country roads meet. There’s a farm and a couple of houses right on the green and the row of cottages shown below lie a little further down a lane. Heading back towards Peter’s Green, I liked the bark on a felled cherry tree, and we disturbed a local.

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