Levens Green


It’s good to see a green being used as a commons. At Levens Green we found this pony grazing the west end of the grassland in the centre of the hamlet and two more tethered at the east end.

After the disappointment of Potters Green (previous post), getting to Levens Green was a pleasure. It’s easy on the eye without being chocolate box lid pretty – a few houses of various shapes and sizes and a couple of farms.

But one building does stick out. The initial reaction is ‘what on earth is that?’ It certainly doesn’t blend in with its neighbours. Yet, while it demands attention and you may like it or not – I’m undecided – it’s not an eyesore. But what is it? With its size, thin grey brickwork, tall and narrow windows and curved construction, my guesses were the self-aggrandising offices of a financial adviser for the well-heeled of East Herts or a trendy new crematorium. But as there is no corporate or council signage and no pin on Google Maps, I suppose it must be residential. Let me know if you know.


For the record, Old Hall Green is a mile to the east of Levens Green but we gave it a miss. Passing by, it was dominated by the unprepossessing buildings and the grounds of a private school.

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