Nup End Green, Tagmore Green


These two are about a mile apart. We combined them in one short walk from Codicote. Four winding country lanes meet at Nup End Green and delivery drivers can be seen puzzling over which turning is most likely to get them to Hogsnorton or the Bothy or wherever.

We got to Nup End Green along with the postman, a much-appreciated key worker during the lock down. Deliveries in this tiny hamlet did not take much of his time.

Wherever you walk in the countryside, there’s a proliferation of threats and imprecations fixed to houses and gateposts and anything else. Is crime out here on the rise? Do incomers from urban areas bring security neuroses with them? The sign below did not convince us we were being monitored by the newest of new technology. In fact, it was rather sad.


By contrast, the signage at Tagmore Green was pervasive and as cold as our impression of the place itself. Arriving along Sally Deard’s Lane was pleasant enough but then it’s a short run of sizeable but uninspired houses and turning off to a new development that brandishes its Private Road sign with pride. Still, the downhill walk back to Codicote provided good views and a fabulous display of poppies.

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