Todds Green


The Thatched Cottage – claiming to date from the 14th century – is the only venerable building in Todds Green, which otherwise comprises a Victorian terrace on the single turning off the new Stevenage Road, a number of pleasant but unremarkable first half of the 20th century houses plus a few newer builds, and a couple of small light industrial estates.

Like Norton Green (see a previous post), Todd’s Green escapes being sucked into Stevenage by the A1M which truncated the original Stevenage Road. Fishers Green just a few hundred yards away (see an earlier post) was not so lucky. The penalty is the proximity of the road.

You can walk across the fields to Lower Titmore Green, an outlier of the equally small hamlet of Titmore Green. The latter is the location of the Hermit pub, shown in an earlier post on Redcoats Green because the hermit referred to was linked to the latter location

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