Hall’s Green


Hall’s Green is only a mile or so northeast of the Stevenage extension of Great Ashby but there’s no direct road link so the green rests peacefully. The narrow roads in this patch are bewildering, twisting and turning apparently at random until you look at the Ordnance Survey map. Combined with the footpaths and byways, they form a grid that has efficiently linked hamlets and farms for many years.

You can hear the church bells from over the fields at Weston and three parallel footpaths lead from the green to the village with the church tower a marker if you doubt your route. To the east of Hall’s Green runs the byway (and, in its southern section, road) from Baldock to Walkern and along the valley of the Beane beyond.

Hall’s Green has a pub (back view below) and Irongate Farm and a few cottages. The old farm at Fairclough Hall just outside has been repurposed as office and craft units, a very relaxed place to see your accountant.


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