Woolmer Green


I took a diversion when I spotted some strange shapes in the distance and came upon an artist’s studio in a farmyard on the edge of Woolmer Green

The village straddles the old Great North Road and you’d think nothing of it – a bit of Knebworth gone astray or a chunk of Oaklands (bizarre place that is) stranded on the wrong side of the railway. Passing by on the train, it gets a nameplate sign despite having no station – perhaps a relic of the war time halt for troops training in woods around Mardley Heath.

But it’s an ancient crossroads of the Great North Road and the Roman road from St. Albans to Braughing. Turn off the main road and you’ll find a village pond and clutch of pretty cottages hidden among the newer housing. Footpaths lead off to Datchworth and over the top of the railway tunnels to Welwyn North.

Woolmer Green has its local characters:


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