Wateringplace Green


I’ve given up trying to take a photograph of Wateringplace Green, so I’ve settled on a couple about it. It’s near Moor Green and just yards off Back Lane, the stretch of one-time Roman road that runs from Hare Street to Cherry Green. The ponds may have provided water for drovers’ stock moving down the lane as well as local farmers. They are a pretty muddy affair these days. Not a hope of finding it on Google Maps – Ardeley is about the best it can do, so use the OS.

What I always remember about Wateringplace Green is the scattering of ancient oaks like the one part-pictured above. There’s also a derelict cottage of no great age that adds some melancholy to the place. You’d have thought it ripe for renovation and gentrification but there has been no sign of any work in the years I’ve been walking past.


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