Churches #5


The church at St. Paul’s Walden dates from the 13th or 14th century and retains some early features. Ancient graves discovered close by indicate much earlier religious activity of some ilk. The church was refurbished in Georgian times. While much may have been lost then, the result is still pleasing. The soft Hertfordshire stone used as a material for parts of many local churches has proven ideal for graffitists over the ages, as other posts will demonstrate. While many are signs of devotion, such as medieval pilgrim crosses, others are profane, some hinting at older beliefs.


Not all graffiti is carved into the clunch. A leaded window at St. Paul’s Walden carries this minor historical note:


One thought on “Churches #5

  1. I think the sword carved into the entrance pillar may relate to the Knights Templar whose HQ was nearby in Preston


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