4 thoughts on “Structure #5

    1. Hi, Strange isn’t it. I came across it by chance near Radwell Meadows. There’s a one-time farm, now caravan site, between the plantation and the lake. It’s there. No idea why or who it is of, which makes it all the more interesting.
      The others are from the war memorial at Ardeley, Wheathamstead church, and the fourth is the Van Gogh bust on the ford in Old Welwyn.


  1. Thanks I have walked around Radwell but not see that sculpture though I have seen a lot of very strange signs about Covid 19 and stay out! Well done though really interesting pictures


    1. If you walk from the Norton Mill direction along the Ivel (no more than a ditch at that point) you come to the plantation. Instead of going into it, turn right. There’s a house on the left and on the right there’s a track that leads to the caravans. The bust is thirty yards up there, just on the right side of the track. I hadn’t noticed it before I took the photo a couple of weeks ago. I suppose it might have been a temporary visitor but it looked pretty settled.
      Pleased you like the photos.


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